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Top 55 high protein foods

This post is going to reveal you the top 55 high protein foods that Joel Marion and Josh recommends to eat.

This is a very nice list and I really recommend to try some of these protein sources.

Original article

Hey, it's Coach Josh and I want to talk about my Thermal Burn Technique to burn a LOT more calories during the day... through food—I’m talking about up to 30% more calories from certain foods. I'm also going to reveal my top 55 high-protein foods, so be sure to stay tuned.

As for my Thermal Burn Technique, it works like this: Nutrient-dense foods tend to be more complex. Take proteins, for instance. It takes more energy for your body to digest and use protein than it does for simpler foods like sugars. The thermic effect of protein is the highest of all foods.

After eating protein, your metabolic rate will increase by approximately 30 percent. In other words, if you eat 100 calories of protein, 30 of those will be burned just digesting and using the protein. By comparison, the thermic effect of carbohydrates is typically around 10 percent, and fat is just 5 percent.

Proteins are primarily used as our body's— building blocks. They are most abundant in animal products—lean meats, egg whites, and low-fat cottage cheese are great protein sources. (Protein is also found, to a lesser degree, in beans, nuts, and various grains for you vegetarians out there.) Proteins are found in every cell in our bodies. Our muscles, hair, skin, nails, hormones, and blood all contain protein. And protein is extremely important both to our overall immunity and health.

Protein is also an extremely important (but often overlooked) fat-loss nutrient. Why? Proteins (along with resistance exercise) actually help your body change shape by adding muscle and increasing your metabolism. Remember, the point isn’t just to lose weight. The point is to lose fat, and increase muscle.

With all is this in mind, here are my top recommended high-protein foods. Please be sure to choose grass feed beef, cage-free chicken meat and eggs, and other organic meats whenever possible to avoid hormones and other unnatural additives.

With that said, you don't have to limit your diet to just protein in order to burn belly fat fast.  In fact, you can actually eat certain "forbidden" foods to accelerate your fat loss...the key is knowing which ones to choose.

Learn which foods at this link:
==> "Cheat" Foods that KILL Stomach Fat? (yes, indeed!)

Coach Josh
Josh Bezoni
Co-Founder, BioTrust Nutrition            

Chia seeds: powerful fat burning effect?

What if I told you that you could lose ELEVEN pounds of fat by eating only ONE spoonful of this white food on your breakfast? It may sound too good to be true but I recently went through a very interesting article from Joel Marion describing this superfood.

Joel has been a great motivator for me and helped revisit my current diet from scratch.

Now what is the name of this white food: Chia seeds! You will find below the original article from Joel along with a link to a video explaining why Chia seeds are so healthy for you.

Original article

My buddy Chad Tackett recently introduced me to a "new" superfood that can
burn up to 11 pounds of fat...

...WITHOUT making any changes to the foods you love or anything else you do!

Get the scoop on this new superfood here << Click Here

And you only need ONE spoonful of this white food on your breakfast to:

- Conquer mid-day and late-night cravings
- Control your appetite
- Boost your metabolism
- Keep you feeling fuller longer
- Control your blood sugar

Check out the new video Chad made about how to use this food here:

==> See how you can actually lose belly fat with this new superfood

Keep rockin',

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