Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ginger - Surprising health benefits

Ginger is a very common spice that you are likely familiar with. This spice has been used for thousands of years in Asia for its medicinal properties. I personally enjoy it very much when eating sushi or when used as an ingredient for a general Tao sauce for example.

What I did not know is that this spice also provides some very unique health benefits.

Known Health Benefits

The primary known health benefits of ginger are as per below:

  •           Help and support your overall digestion
  •           Increase your energy level
  •           Can help in gas relieve and reduce nauseas
  •          Can help in reducing inflammation (foods which help reduced your body inflammation is always preferred)
  •           Can stimulate your blood circulation
  •           Ginger powerful oils (gingerols and shogaol) have healing properties

Ginger effect on your fat cells

What I found actually the most interesting with ginger is that recent research is showing that it can help burn fat by reducing the number of fat cells produced by your body.

Apparently, this is due to ginger components 6-shogaol and 6-gingerol which help increase your level of adiponectin in your blood. Adiponectin is a key protein hormone in your body important in glucose regulation and to break down your fat cells (in order for your body to use fat as energy). For example, obese individuals have lower level of adiponectin in their level which make it harder for them to lose fat.

How to increase your ginger consumption

The simplest way I found to increase my consumption of ginger is to make some tea! You simply need to cut about 3-5 pieces of ginger then add hot water on top. The taste is pretty good too!

My experience and observations

My initial observation after a cup of pure ginger tea is increased stamina and blood flow.
Please share your experience with ginger and its overall effect on your body.


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