Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Potatoes fat-burning secrets

This post will share with you what I learned recently from Mike Geary concerning potatoes and its health benefits. Like many, I always though potatoes were bad for me given their high glycemic index and potential to spike insulin.

Since the reading of this article, I have now added potatoes consumption on my "cheat" days.

The following article is the original transcript from Mike's newsletter and I recommend to read it fully. You will also find at the end of the article tips on how to eat LOTS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat on your body.

Original article

"Many people think they need to avoid foods like white potatoes
in order to burn off body fat.

After all, they have a high glycemic index, which means they can
spike insulin and potentially take your body out of a fat-burning

Additionally, they’re high in complex carbohydrates so people
automatically assume they need to be avoided.  This may be true
for sedentary people.

However, if you’re consistently using higher intensity exercise
you should NOT be afraid of this all-natural starchy carb.

Believe it or not, potatoes can actually be one of the best foods
to eat to get lean muscle and a flat stomach, BUT only if you use
them in a smart way.

And potatoes are a MUCH healthier form of carbohydrates than
wheat (bread, pasta, bagels, etc) because potatoes don't contain
inflammatory gluten and other anti-nutrients that wheat contains.

Here are 3 dirty little fat-burning secrets about that you probably
NEVER knew about potatoes.

#1: They fuel Glycolysis.

All natural white starches, like potatoes, contain the purest glucose molecules that fuel our “anaerobic” activity.  So if you’re using intervals, intense weight training, or ANY type of high intensity metabolic circuits, potatoes can help fuel a VERY important process called glycolysis.

This will fuel your body’s ability to more “efficiently” use other carbohydrates as energy and enhances the production of ATP (our bodies’ primary energy source).

#2: They replenish glycogen and help reset our fat burning hormones

If you constantly keep your carbs low, it will only take about 72 hours to drain glycogen levels (the energy stored inside your muscles and liver).

This is a great short term approach for fat-loss, but it can put you in a “trick bag” because you’ll suppress your fat burning hormones, which will put the brakes on your fat loss over time.

So by regularly consuming the type of starch from potatoes, you’ll help reset the fat-burning hormones that keep your metabolism “happy”.

Additionally, you’ll replenish depleted glycogen levels to sustain you with adequate energy for your workouts and living everyday life.

#3: They help promote an “anabolic” environment

When you engage in regular high intensity exercise sessions your body can release more stress hormones (cortisol) and tend to go into a catabolic state.

This can cause you to lose precious muscle tissue and slow down your metabolism (i.e. Metabolic Slowdown).

But if you’re eating more all natural white starches (from potatoes), you’ll keep your metabolism humming along and prevent muscle loss by keeping your body in an “anabolic” environment.

This is often referred to as anabolism.

Now you can probably see why I personally prefer “white” starches, like potatoes, after my workouts.

They come straight from nature and contain the purest starch and glucose polymers our bodies need to fuel anaerobic activity.

ALL of this will help you speed up recovery, control your hormones, and improve your insulin sensitivity.

Also, many times the pure amylopectin starch found in the white stuff is less problematic than a starch containing gluten or lectins that you get from whole grain / whole wheat foods. 

Another solid reason to eliminate processed grains and go with the all-natural “white stuff” if you exercise.

All of this means one thing -- potatoes can help you increase fat burning and create a healthier metabolism.

Now I know you won’t get this advice from Dr. Oz or your local personal trainer, but this is what REAL nutrition is all about.

Just make sure you always combine starches with a lean animal protein and try to eat them AFTER high intensity exercise so they can work their metabolic magic during your post workout window.

But remember, if you’re sedentary the rules change...

I recommend you limit your intake of starchy carbs if you're sedentary because your metabolism simply doesn’t need as much glucose.

However, if you’re are a hard exerciser, here are 3 simple steps you can use to eat LOTS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat on your body

=> How to eat LOTS of carbs and NEVER store them as fat (3 simple steps)"

Mike Geary
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer


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