Friday, April 6, 2012

Black tea – 2012 season now begin

This is to inform you that the 2012 tea season is just about to begin! India produces some of the best Black teas in the world. The spring harvest of the Darjeeling region is one of my favorites which produces very tasty and healthy black teas with a mild and fruity after taste.

What is so special about the spring harvest?

The spring harvest is produced from the younger leaves which means more concentration of anti-oxidants, caffeine and theanine and minimal concentration & absorption of local contaminants (pollution).

From my personal experience, spring harvest produces the best teas with some exceptions of summer harvest for some Oolong teas that I will share with you in future articles.

What I’m proposing to you is a weekly review of 2012 black teas from the spring harvest so please stay tuned for weekly articles.


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